Prefab, Simple Wooden House For Holiday

Prefab, Simple Wooden House For Holiday

The wooden house is the best one for living. The pine wood, as the sole material, has more characters. It comes from the natural and has moisture proof and non-pollution. It lead to the house comfortable and good at environmental. The groove and tongue structure make the house firmly, shock-resistant and safety. Because of each piece of wood used for the house is customized in our factory according to the foundation actual request, the house is easy to be equiped and disassemble, and easy to keep it in good repair.

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    Prefab, simple wooden house for holiday



    Structure: Groove and tongue; Mortice and tenon jointPacking: Every part of this item is strapped separately by poly strip

    Cottages are designed and customized according to the actual foundation and the house-owner's request.


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    The wooden house itself is a tourist and leisure place suitable for living, vacation, and providing for the aged. According to the relevant experts, the houses that human beings live in are best constructed with wooden structures, and the long-term residence of wooden houses is expected to prolong life. As a new type of Tourism Holiday residence, tourism and leisure housing has emerged as a new type of comprehensive tourism and leisure community with many functions, such as housing, leisure and entertainment, fitness and fitness, conference and vacation. It has broad prospects for development.

    If you are interested in our prefab, simple wooden house for holiday made in China, welcome to wholesale the quality and eco-friendly wooden house from our factory. We are one of the leading China manufacturers specialized in the manufacturing wooden house. We also accept the customized orders.
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