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Wooden Villas Become The World's Attention
May 03, 2017

In the global building community, our country seems to this wooden villa unique residence has a single clock, not only to introduce domestic, but also to cater to the psychological needs of buyers, this unique residence is packaged into so-called "villas." In North America, apart from the southeast coastal areas frequented by hurricanes, this independent residence is basically a wooden frame in the suburbs of every city. Why is it so? The first is: North America is unusually rich in forest resources, wood structure house low cost; Secondly, because the wooden house has incomparable residence comfort, also permeate people's persistent pursuit of healthy life. Wooden villas in quality, price, service and health, are more than the traditional brick-mixing structure has a great advantage in the west and many Southeast Asian countries, is the main form of personal residence construction. Although the domestic "villa" compared with the Western independent residence, more stay in the shape of the level, but with the people's living standards, the increasing cultural tastes, wooden villas gradually for more people to understand and accept.

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