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Why Is The Holiday Cabin Most Environmentally Friendly
May 03, 2017

The holiday cabin was hailed as the 21st century eco-residence, and mankind had a natural affinity for trees and timber. Wood frame house feeling with cement, bricks, stones, plastics, metals and other constructed houses have essentially different, safe, healthy and comfortable, anti-seismic durability, design flexibility, whether it is winter heating, or summer refrigeration, wood structure residential energy consumption is only 1/5 of brick-mixed house, greatly save energy costs, she installs convenient, easy to move, green, living comfortable, environmental protection, energy saving, the appearance of beauty, natural affinity, it is easy to build into a mix of forms. The most typical appearance has the Nordic style, the Mediterranean style, the Japanese style, the North American modern style and the Western Architecture blend style. Design planning to return to poetic life for the purpose of focusing on people and architecture, natural harmony, to create a pure natural feeling. A holiday cabin is the only building in the world that can be called truly environmentally friendly. For the health of the person has a good help, if there is a need to go to our official web site to find the information they need.

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