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Why Does Eco-farm House Become The Focus Of Tourism
May 03, 2017

First, eco-farm house will become the focus of tourism because of the timber houses used in building materials are very durable. Adopting advanced design and modern professional materials, coupled with international standards for thousands of years, so modern wooden houses with special treatment of wood and professional materials to effectively solve the wooden structure house moth, Ant and moistureproof, rot, roof leakage of rain. Secondly, the wooden houses used by the farm houses were characterized by toughness. For instantaneous impact load and cyclical fatigue damage has a strong resistance, and the modern wooden box, tenon and riveting connection structure will be evenly dispersed, so the absorption of the earthquake in the large force small, the structure of the basis of displacement can be by its own elastic reset without collapse. In the earthquake in Kobe, Japan and Los Angeles, in the 2010 Chilean 8.8-magnitude earthquake, the house structure of the cabin was only slightly deformed and never collapsed. Even in the powerful seismic force of 9, box tenon riveting structure of the wooden house is pushed forward several meters, the overall framework is still intact and not falling apart. It proves that the structure of the cabin is not comparable to the seismic stability performance and integrality of the structure under various extreme loads.

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