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The Revival Of The Cabin
May 03, 2017

1, can provide us with warm, natural, tranquil and comfortable living places: wood is green materials, it is beautiful texture, rich color, sound absorption, sound insulation performance is good; many kinds of timber can emit special fragrance, favorable health, can resist the harm of many kinds of organisms and so on. According to Japanese scholars, the average life expectancy of residence cabin people is higher 11 than living in RC building. And the United States generally residential materials used 90% for timber. Second, will be conducive to fast-growing high-yielding timber forest development: Practice shows that in many cases, afforestation is better than planting crops, the country launches the fast-growing high-yielding forest base construction project, giving the forest many preferential policies, such as fiscal interest discount, credit first, logging loose, etc., will attract all kinds of enterprises, farmers and other enthusiasm, accelerate the development of fast-growing high-yielding timber This is conducive to the supply of raw materials for building materials enterprises, and beneficial to the development of eco-construction, for the realization of resource cultivation and processing utilization, industrial and ecological development, is of great significance. Third, beneficial to environmental protection: timber is a renewable main building materials, and from the energy use and air, water pollution and other aspects of the wood structure compared to the environmental impact of the smallest. In terms of energy consumption, wooden houses his material consumption is much lower than that of mixed soil, reinforcing bars and so on. So, for environmental protection, wooden house is the best dwelling of mankind.

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