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The Relationship Between Wood Villa Manufacturing And Eco-environment
May 03, 2017

Timber is renewable resources, the proper use of wood not only will not destroy the ecological environment, but can lead the forest to live, therefore, more use of forest as the living environment of the structural materials and materials, can improve the living quality of the people, for children to leave a better space. Since human beings, wood is the same with people, providing a considerable amount of help to human life, forest resources are a renewable resource, unlike other resources, so good management planning can make this one of the world's most precious resources a virtuous circle, to continue to provide mankind with the most "close" help. Wooden villas to make wooden huts can breathe, of course, not like animals breathe, but refers to the wood in regulating temperature and humidity of physical property. Wood material is a porous material, the heat conductivity is small, is the hot bad conductor, the timber is the natural material, when the humidity is large, the wooden hut will automatically absorb moisture, when drying will release water from its own cells, like a natural air-conditioning machine, this is the other building materials can not rival. New York National Laboratory research proves that the world's only real green building-wooden house, more than the general cement, brick structure housing energy saving 50%.

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