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The Application Characteristics Of Wood Structure In Landscape Architecture
May 03, 2017

Wooden material is a kind of natural construction material, it has the inherent irreplaceable nature. The wooden structure as a landscape building material is the biggest characteristic of the garden sketch to add a natural breath, so that the architectural style has a return to nature, the beautiful feeling of innocence, and with the increasing construction age, wood structure can also make the landscape architecture and the surrounding natural environment constantly fusion. Compared with the traditional steel reinforced cement structure, wooden structure material can grow some natural plants such as moss and green rust over time, so that the landscape color has more obvious diversity. The plasticity of wood structure is very strong, in the landscape design, through the design of wooden structures can be processed in a variety of landscape architecture. For example: In the construction of landscape, the wooden materials can be processed into a variety of wooden tables and chairs, giving a fresh and natural feeling. There are many types of garden tables and chairs made of wooden structure, such as simple solid wood furniture, or quaint rattan tables and chairs. The use of wooden structural materials can also be designed and manufactured many other types of furniture, such as wooden houses, wooden pavilions, wooden racks, wooden fences, wooden bridges and so on. Through the use of these various kinds of wooden garden sketches, can greatly enrich the landscape of the landscape, improve the landscape of landscape, so that the theme of the landscape is better foil.

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