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Material Selection Of Wooden Frame Building
May 03, 2017

How to select the wood frame building? The wood frame house itself has strong anti-seismic performance, because the wooden frame house is lower, the quality is light, the toughness is strong, and constructs the process uses the tenon and the structure, uses the wooden tenon as the flexible construction node, so in the group of bucket wood, the horizontal components connected, formed a elastic node, in the earthquake arrival, each group of bucket wood is like a large spring, in the midst of violent turbulence can offset a considerable part of the earthquake energy, reducing the damage to the building. To the large number of rural dwellings using "local conditions, simple and effective" measures to prevent the "inverted wall caved", to achieve "avoid death, reduce injury" goal. One, the choice of materials: timber, Fang Mu and plates used in ordinary wood frame can be graded by visual method. Grading the selection of timber should conform to the stipulation, not to use the standard of commodity grade substitute. The main load-bearing components should be coniferous materials; important wooden connectors should be used in fine, straight lines, no section and no other defects of the hard-resistant hardwood leaf material. The selection of materials has an important influence on the strength of wood members. In general, the choice of materials mainly from the material specifications, strength and materials and so on, and in different fortification intensity, the minimum requirements for materials are different. In the case of single-storey wooden housing, the long, dry, moisture content control in 25%% of the logs.

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