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In A French Country Cabin, With A Taste For Life.
Apr 23, 2018

In many cases, beauty is just a home-grown consensus. But sometimes, some playful beauty will also transcend the existence of the region, so that people in other places fall in love at first sight, day and night and look forward to. For example, among the many architectural styles in the West, the most popular in the East is the wooden roof of the "herringbone" and "Tiger window".

European architectural art prefers thick, simple stones surrounded by four stone walls, like a box in the sky. Finally, a traditional form of slope roof was added to the "box" to cover the house. So he brewed an art house of Guxiangguyun and became popular. The wooden roof is always silent to make the building more refined and more beautiful. Every time we encounter such a building, we will leave it in the heart.

Of course, this kind of beauty is not only the credit of an individual, after all, beauty is often not independent of the existence of such things. As if the flowers had green leaves, so did the construction of the wooden roof. The best foil to the beauty of wooden roofs must be the original native vegetation, comfortable and quiet town life. Otherwise, the beauty is bound to be greatly reduced.

Perhaps the beauty of the wooden roof comes more from the heart, in addition to its external beauty, but also includes the pursuit and love of nature and native life. So, at the foot of the Qingshan Mountain, on the banks of the quiet lake, in the forest in the countryside, in the house under the wooden roof, watch the sunrise and sunset, listen to the rain and beat the plantain, and count the stars. Even sitting quietly in it will make your heart feel more intimate with all the life, activities, and comforts that nature has given you.

The quiet life is a spirit of the carnival, in the peace of passion, in the passion to enjoy the nature of the quiet and natural.

Sometimes we think that this dynamic beauty is in poetry and distant places. In fact, this distance is not far away, the time, the concept of one step away. If you like your heart, it is on the farm lake, between the sea of flowers, let Jiyu build a French town for you, build a "herringbone" "Tiger window" log roof villa. Listen to the wind, and look at the clouds.

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