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Holiday Chalet Style In Different Areas
May 03, 2017

In different places, different cultural backgrounds. The resulting folk customs are very different. With the development of the times, people are more disgusted with the city and oppression, yearning to close to nature, integrate into nature, publicity individuality, find oneself. But the original mountain, the original water, the primary color of the residence place precisely satisfies this kind of nature, the style and the romantic pursuit. Therefore, the original eco-holiday cabin came into being, and for the real pursuit of the source of life of people chase and love. A hardcover vacation cabin returning to the original ecology. When it is totally situated in a natural environment, the whole villa is surrounded by a whole and graceful natural environment; The overall plan breaks the layout of modern villas. There is no fixed space, so that all the buildings in accordance with different terrain, gap and natural landscape exist, according to natural elements at random and Habitat; Villa based on the fluctuation of topography, the internal dislocation, some villas are located on the shore, some villas are deep in the mountain ... Back mountain to rely on the color of water scenery, so that people intoxicated in the feelings of relieved, in the rich Shi Muyuan incense, casual mood no longer deliberately create. Such an environment is the best ideal state that many people pursue.

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