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Dismantling Of Construction Steps Of Lightweight Timber Structure
May 03, 2017

1, Foundation: Use plywood and 2x4 pillar to build the concrete pouring frame. This non-structural objective can be achieved by using a lower grade plank. Once the foundation dries, the plywood and 2x4 pillars can be removed and further utilized in the project. 2, wall rack (starting from the mud): Using embedded anchor bolts to the pressurized treatment of the threshold plate fixed on the foundation wall. The pressurized wooden boards are damp-proof, anticorrosion and termite resistant. From here to the outside constitutes a wall frame. Constitute the 2x4 and 2x6 pillars, thus constituting an external load-bearing framework. Internal weight is supported by wooden pillars. 3. Main floor frame: The traditional flooring frame adopts the specification material. 2x8 or 2x10 solid floor joists are usually mounted at fixed intervals between the external load-bearing walls and internal support structures. The external "ring-supported beam" connects the outer rim of the joists. In order to enhance lateral stability, the OSB or plywood is nailed on the joists as a continuous floor. 4, the main floor wall frame: Once built a good floor platform, that is, using 2x4 or 2x6 finger-shaped pillar of a certain spacing of the structure of the wooden walls to build the exterior walls and building frames. 2x4 frame-type internal load-bearing walls and partitions separate the internal space.

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