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Characteristics And Characteristics Of Wooden Houses
May 03, 2017

(1), Durability: The use of life span for a hundred years, timber is a strong stability, long life, durable materials. Log materials in wooden houses have been processed by the technology. Riga rugged and "laminated logs" will not crack. Make "wooden house" can be widely popularized and used in different countries and regions in different environments. (2), moisture-proof, fire resistance: many years of practice proves that cabin is the safest. Natural wood fire, moistureproof performance is not good, but "we" use technology to solve this important problem. Log materials are processed by modern technology. There is good performance in fire-proof moisture so that the "cabin" becomes a safe house. And can be made in different climates. Recommendation: Wooden cabin structure of the wooden frame features description. (3), Earthquake resistance: Small earthquake cabin will not be destroyed. It will not collapse when earthquakes occur. There is good life safety in earthquakes. The main body of wooden house is constructed with 10 sets, and the staggered connection of the main structure has good stability. So in the earthquake and typhoon disaster to temporary cabin is one of the safest buildings. (4), green Environmental protection and energy preservation: wooden houses are called "Breathing House" out of the choice of natural timber as raw materials. Log room with real environmental protection, indoor can maintain good fresh air, wood has a good sound-absorbing effect, noise-proof beneficial health of the human body. The cabin can absorb excessive moisture in the indoor air. Regulating indoor temperature and the insulation of wood is the best to show no electrostatic space. No radioactive element is the real environmental protection House.

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