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Analysis Of Material Selection And Node Structure For Aseismic Technology Of Wooden Structures
May 03, 2017

Wood frame structure is very good overall rigidity, while the wood is prone to deformation under the external force, but because of the better flexibility, so itself to some extent, there is the ability to restore deformation, this is particularly important in the earthquake. With the wooden tenon as the flexible building node, such a group of brackets, vertical and horizontal components connected, formed a elastic node, in the earthquake arrival, each group of bucket wood is like a large spring, in the midst of violent turbulence can offset a considerable portion of the seismic energy, reducing the damage to the building. Mortise and tenon Construction technology is an integral part of the bionic flexible structure of traditional wooden architecture in China, which is the embodiment of "conforming to nature, with softness" thought in Chinese architectural philosophy. Because of the flexibility and elasticity of timber, the joints of the wooden structure are commonly used to connect with mortise and tenon, such as the animal's skeletal joints can be scaled and reversed in a certain degree, the earthquake can absorb and consume energy through its own deformation, and have strong seismic performance.

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