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Where the perfection of the cabin is embodied
May 03, 2017

1, cabin Residence: "Winter and warm summer cool, good daylighting": wood is a good electrical insulation, with low conductivity. Under the same thickness, the insulation value of wood is three times times higher than that of solid brick walls, 16 times times higher than the standard concrete. 400 times times higher than steel, 1600 times times higher than aluminum, wooden house like a natural air conditioner, reasonable design and layout, absorb the sun light, live in a wooden house feels like the spring, warm in winter and cool in summer, naturally very comfortable. 2, Wooden house appearance: "The appearance of beauty, natural affinity": light wood structure is the specification of timber, wood-based structural panels, waterproof plates, such as construction of single-storey or multi-storey building wooden structures. Made of wooden walls, wooden frame floors and wooden roof systems. Use a variety of color special exterior wall hanging boards or different colors of waterproof coating spray. The roof can be decorated with colorful linoleum tiles of various styles and colours, and truly embodies the personalized and typical noble style and luxurious and comfortable living environment. Clear positioning, distinctive architectural style, not only to take care of the economy and meet the comfort of the cabin living needs.

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