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The wooden residence of the casual cabin will be the focus
May 03, 2017

It is reported that in recent years, Beijing, Shanghai, Dalian and other countries have launched a full set of the United States, Canada and other imports of wood wooden casual cabin project, market sales are very hot. Wood-framed houses have attracted general attention from insiders and consumers. It is understood that the emergence of this consumer demand, mainly with the continuous improvement of people's living standards, demand that housing construction should fully embody the sustainable development strategy, especially in residential construction of the rational use of resources, protection of the ecological environment and the realization of energy-saving, land, and materials to propose a new research topic. Wooden houses, including wooden structures, are adapted to this requirement, so there is a wide market in all parts of the world. Experts introduced, wood structure Leisure House in the west and around the world is widely used, its advantages lie in comfort, aesthetics, environmental protection, energy saving, and design flexibility, construction period short, structural safety, shockproof and so on. At the same time, the selection and collocation of materials is very scientific, new building materials have been widely used, wood use and forest protection through world trade is complementary. Industrialized production also provides reliable quality assurance for wooden houses.

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