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Ecological housing in twenty-first Century - wood house
Dec 09, 2017

The wooden house is known as "ecological residence in twenty-first Century", and human beings have a natural affinity for trees. The design of the wooden house pays attention to the harmonious symbiosis between the people and the building and the nature, and brings up the pure natural feeling.

The research of New York National Laboratory has proved that wooden house is the only building in the world that can be regarded as truly green, environmental protection and energy saving. Compared with ordinary cement and brick housing, it can save energy by 50%.

Wood is natural material. When the humidity is large, it will absorb moisture automatically. When it is dry, it will release moisture from its cells, just like a natural air conditioner, which is not comparable with other building materials.

The wood is excellent heat insulation material, the thermal resistance is 400 times of steel, is 10 times that of concrete or brick, steel, concrete, brick buildings will reach the same performance and wooden houses, must use more insulation materials or thickened wall, so the cabin greatly reduces energy consumption.

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