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Development of forestry innovation based on wooden house and timber structure
May 03, 2017

From the Chinese Forestry Academy, China Forestry Industry Association, China Architectural Decoration Association and other units of experts and scholars and domestic and foreign real estate developers, cottage villas, wooden decoration facilities manufacturers and other industries representatives, together on the Chinese villa wooden structure industry in the future development and industry standards, such as the exchanges and discussions. Recommended: Cottage Villa quotation Situation professional cognition analysis, the development of wooden structure industry, not only can promote the development of forest tourism, characteristic forestry industry, forestry ecology construction, but also can increase forestry income, improve the economic benefit of forestry industry, realize the innovation and change of forestry development mode, and exert the 5 function of forestry ecology, economy, society, carbon sink and culture. It is understood that in order to promote the wooden structure industry healthy, orderly and rapid development, further expand the wooden structure industry of social influence, the organizing committee of China Association of Forest Products Industry, China Protection Consumer Foundation and other units also carried out the "national Wooden Structure Integrity Alliance Enterprise 30 Strong" selection activities.

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