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Detailed introduction of the biggest advantages of wooden house
May 03, 2017

Anti-seismic Wood villa In the earthquake has a good life and safety performance, wooden villa with tenon and joint construction, the main structure staggered connection, has a good stability. Moisture-proof people usually mistakenly think that water is the enemy of timber, the situation is not so, in the rainy or humid place wooden buildings can have long-term performance. Green environmental protection, insulation and energy-saving wood is a natural and healthy and anxious affinity materials, wooden villas are environmentally friendly and healthy high-end residential. Excellent insulation (thermal insulation) performance, more than the ordinary brick-concrete structure of the house to save energy more than 40%. Durable wooden villas are selected high-grade pine construction, timber is a natural, healthy and very affinity material, wooden integration into different wall profiles, and then through flame retardant, anti-corrosion processing, more rugged. The house is environmentally friendly and healthy upscale residence, timber according to different architectural modelling passes the modern technology production. Fireproof Wood villa Construction of timber all uses "water-based flame retardant treatment agent" for flame retardant treatment, with the carbonization effect, when the fire, the wood surface will form carbonization layer, its low conductivity can effectively prevent the flame to spread, so as to ensure that the entire timber structure in a long time without damage.

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