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Chalet Villa is an eco-friendly low-carbon wooden house
May 03, 2017

First, one of the main construction materials of the cottage villa is "timber", and wood is a natural and healthy and highly affinity material, so wooden villa is environmentally friendly and healthy high-end residential. Timber is the preferred building material for "green building". The energy consumption of wood building materials is less than steel or concrete, and both require high temperature refining and fabrication. The wooden house adopts all solid wood material, known as "the room to breathe", the harmful gases in the cabin are very low, harmless to the human body, and the relative influence of wood on energy consumption, air pollution and water pollution and greenhouse gas emission is minimal. In all the main building materials, timber is the only renewable building materials, in the energy consumption, greenhouse gases, air and water pollution and eco-resource exploitation, the environmental protection of wood structure is much better than the brick-concrete structures and steel structure, and materials breathable, easy to keep indoor air fresh, is recognized green building. Finally, if you want to choose to build a cottage villa, is to choose environmentally friendly, healthy, low-carbon lifestyle.

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