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A fine understanding of wooden house and Wood Villa
May 03, 2017

Compared with reinforced concrete and masonry buildings, wooden houses have several characteristics: Recommendation: Foreign wood Villa design features Analysis: (1), Sound insulation performance: By placing the walls, floors and ceilings with the dual efficacy of insulation and insulation materials, eliminating noise interference, can easily reach or exceed the brick masonry structure of the housing has the sound insulation performance. (2), not afraid of earthquakes: wooden villa-made wooden cabin due to its own light weight, earthquake absorption of relatively small, the floor and wall system composed of space box structure can interact with the components, so they are mostly motionless in earthquakes, or a slight distortion of the whole but will not fall apart. (3), pest protection: for outdoor platforms, such as exposed materials, all through the treatment of moisture-proof insects, the villa has been constructed of timber after four insect pest treatment, and every year a pest control, can be long-term protection from pests and corrosion. (4), warm in winter and cool in summer: if the usual heat insulation method, wood frame house insulation effect than the hollow brick walls 3 times times higher. Therefore, the wood frame room heating cost is low, warm in winter and cool in summer. (5), wearing a fireproof jacket: the fireproof of the wooden structure, like the combustible wood components including walls, floors, ceilings and roof cover, such as wearing a refractory or non-combustible fire jacket, the general use of Fire Gypsum board to block the flame and wood components, and meet the requirements of the specifications of the fire resistance limit.

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